Signature Craftsman Boot

the craftsman boot.
 a life’s work.


THE Craftsman LAST

Perfecting the Craftsman boot was a life’s work for R.M.Williams. Beautifully constructed and our most popular boot, they’re just as comfortable at a wedding as they are at a worksite. The more time you spend in them, the more you’ll come to enjoy them. They may even become part of your legacy, as they have done for RM himself.

chisel toe and flat block heel
Iconic lastic, tugs and many widths

The Craftsman last features a classic chisel-square toe with soft toe cap, flat block leather heel, the iconic RMW tugs and 
elastic sides. We cater to all sizes from 1 to 17 and also feature a variety of widths all the way from C to X. (C is XXX narrow, E extra narrow, F narrow, G regular, H wide and X extra wide.)

Meet the Craftsman family

  • Signature boot



    Worn by world leaders past and present, these finely handcrafted boots are made by our most talented boot makers.Find out more

    Leather type Premium veal calf leather
    Sole type Leather Welt with a brass plaque
    Style with Elegant dress boot
    Signature Craftsman colour swatches black Chestnut Dark tan


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  • Chinchilla boot



    The Chinchilla is made on our classic Craftsman last and hand burnished to give a beautiful antiqued colour variation. Find out more

    Leather type European crust leather
    Sole type Leather welt sole
    Style with Make a statement
    Signature Craftsman colour swatches Cognac Bordeaux Mahogany


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  • Classic Craftsman boot



    Our iconic RM boots are uniquely made from one piece of the finest yearling leather.Find out more

    Leather type Yearling leather
    Sole type Leather welt with leather innersole
    Style with Dress and light work boots
    Signature Craftsman colour swatches black Chestnut


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  • Comfort boot



    Classic chisel square toe and flat heel with superior comfort technology that is light weight and flexible.Find out more

    Leather type Yearling
    Sole type Rubber welt with comfort innersole
    Style with Comfortable for any occasion
    Signature Craftsman colour swatches black Chestnut Dark tan Nutmeg Rum


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  • Dynamic Flex boot

    Dynamic Flex


    The cushioned Dynamic Flex comfort sole is flexible an durable making it perfect for everyday wearFind out more

    Leather type Yearling leather
    Sole type Sewn welt leather and rubber sole
    Style with Perfect for everyday wear
    Signature Craftsman colour swatches black Chestnut


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  • Suede boot



    A premium dress boot featuring luxurious and robust suede-finished leather uppers in rich chocolate and black.Find out more

    Leather type Suede
    Sole type Leather welt with leather innersole
    Style with Casual styling with denim
    Signature Craftsman colour swatches black Chestnut


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Signature Craftsman
Signature boot views


Our Signature Craftsman starts as one piece of the finest veal calf leather before being shaped by the hands of our most experienced craftsmen and women. That one piece of leather will pass through over 80 pairs of hands and individual processes in our workshop in Adelaide. When you pull on your boots for the first time, you’ll know it’s an investment, not a purchase. And we’ll know we didn’t just make a boot, we crafted one.


Chinchilla Burnished Craftsman
Chinchilla boot views


Burnishing is an artisanal method that brings out the richness and true characteristics of leather. Our burnished Craftsman boots are as unique as the Australian landscape that has helped shape them; a truly handcrafted boot that will last a lifetime.


Kangaroo leather Craftsman
Kangaroo boot views


These iconic Craftsman boots are beautifully constructed from one piece of kangaroo leather, one of the strongest leathers for its weight in the world. Made in our factory in Adelaide, the boots feature the classic chisel square toe.


Comfort Craftsman
Classic boot views


Our most popular boot, the Craftsman comes in a range of colours, using only the finest yearling leather. It features a classic chisel square toe and flat heel as well as a leather welt sole. Originally designed as a dress boot it is now worn for business and pleasure.


Comfort Craftsman
Comfort boot views


Beautifully constructed and uniquely made from one piece of leather, our Comfort Craftsman boots come in a range of colours. The Comfort Sole is perfect for everyday wear and can be styled up or down.


Dynamic Craftsman
Dynamic boot views


A comfortable, light and flexible sole ensures this version of the Craftsman gets special attention for comfort whilst standing or working all day.


Suede Craftsman
Suede boot views


The suede craftsman evolved from our classic original Craftsman boot which stands the test of time with it’s elegant timeless style. are a classic piece of footwear that will up your style game immediately if worn well.