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Designed for every condition that a modern work environment throws its way, the Gardener Commando boot is a versatile evolution of our classic Gardener boot, built with purpose to go every step of the way on your life’s journey. Handcrafted in Australia using time-honoured techniques and premium materials, the Gardener Commando brings eye-catching design aesthetics to a tough and durable build.


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1. Itshide Commando treaded rubber outsole
The Gardener Commando is complemented with an Itshide rubber sole to deliver the most responsive shock absorption, stability and support for extended wear, so you can be confident these boots will stand up to the rigours of any journey. Having been around for 150 years Itshide have built a strong reputation for producing quality robust components for the boot and shoe trade.

2. Horween leather
The Gardener Commando is available in a stylish black and dark brown Horween Chromexcel premium leather which will patina over time. Known for its intensity, pliability and suppleness, Horween are famous for using traditional techniques and tannages and are still made by hand. Horween work only with selected companies.

3. Full Storm Welt Construction
With its high durability and water resistance, the Gardener Commando is constructed using a full storm welt. The full storm welt where the leather upper is attached to the rubber outsole ensures maximum water resistance and allows the rubber to be replaced after years of hard use.

4. round urban spring toe
Designed to keep feet comfortable over hard terrain and long miles, the round shaped spring toe makes the gardener command a fitting choice.

5. tonal tugs
Woven R.M.Williams signature pull on tugs are crafted with purpose to evenly spread the strain and maintain the boot's iconic shape, when you pull on and take off your boots.

6. one piece of leather
A technique employed by very few booth makers around the world, The Gardener Commando upper is produced with a single piece of leather making it highly durable.

7. tonal elastics
Designed to hold the ankle securely, the side elastics provide stability and comfort and make it easier to pull the boots on and off.


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the ultimate hard-wearing boot

When the Gardener was first launched in the late 1950s, it was hailed as the ultimate hard-wearing boot. And that legacy continues to be honoured in the boot’s contemporary revamp, resulting in the perfect pairing of rugged performance that can tackle any condition and a premium style that provides versatility for every situation.

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R.M.WILLIAMS Gardener Commando Boot

The Gardener Commando headlines our new range of seasonal boots that showcase an evolution of iconic boot styles, bringing to life a new range of urban footwear.






Discover our rugged boot collection.

The Gardener Commando headlines our seasonal boot collection, showcasing an evolution of iconic boot styles and adding to our range of urban footwear, including archival and new styles such as our traditional Gardener and Turnout, as well as our classic Rickaby lace-up boot.