Every Boot Needs the Occasional Tune Up

RMs go this distance. Some of our customers bought theirs over half a century ago and still wear them every day. In fact, some would argue that the worst their boots looked is the day they bought them. With every wear, you’ll add character and personality to your pair. But even the best maintained boots can still only stand up to so much. When yours tire, send them back to us for a service. 

The same boot makers who originally made them can redress the leather upper, replace the elastics, the tugs and resole them. All you need to do is get them to your nearest R.M.Williams store and they can have them back working as hard as you do in no time at all. 

Even the toughest ones need care. To keep your boots working as hard as you do, boot repairs are part of our ongoing customer service. Depending on the urgency of your repairs, you have two options available: A standard boot repair will be returned to your nearest store within 3 to 4 weeks* (depending on repair/s required).

*Approximate time frame only, subject to change without notice


Boot Repair Price List

For International repair services the pricing will be converted to your local currency and an international shipping fee applied

Full Re-Sole and Heel - £120

Full Re-Last - £150

Full Re-Last and Back Lining - £155

Replace Heels - £30

Replace Heel Rubber Top Pieces - £50

Replace Elastics - £25 each or £80 for all 4

Replace Tugs - £15 each

Stretch Boots - £50

Postage of boot repairs from store to your address £10

Collection in store: Free