Crafting a Better Future – responsibly made in Australia since 1932

R.M.Williams was founded on – and continues to uphold – the principles of designing with intent, bespoke durable craftsmanship, and connecting to our land and communities. 

Our sustainability journey began when our business was founded 92 years ago and has been expanded in recent years since we developed and launched our Crafting a Better Future strategy. Reginald Murray ‘RM’ Williams’ mission was to craft products that could survive the harsh Australian outback and be repaired over and over – that is, a business grounded in the principles of circularity from the outset. Our expanded sustainability mission was catalysed by the purchase of R.M.Williams by Andrew and Nicola Forrest and their investment company, Tattarang in 2020.  

‘Crafting a Better Future’ is our sustainability strategy. There are three pillars in Crafting a Better Future; Shape Australian craftsmanship, Make regenerative products and Craft products that endure. 

Our approach and Sustainability Playbook

While we’re still early in our sustainability journey, we’ve learned a lot. We’ve also found that taking a systematic approach to shifting the way we operate at scale usually means tackling the same, or similar, challenges faced by most other footwear and apparel brands. 

We want to be active contributors to this positive industry shift. We hope that by sharing our approach we can ignite discussions and open up the conversation around improving industry practices. 

We are far from having all the answers, but we’ve found that setting clear goals and a systematic approach is helping us scale our efforts across our business and value chain. 

In this spirit, we share our work-in-progress Sustainability Playbook

Proud to be a B Corp 

In 2024, we became certified as a B Corporation, joining a global movement of people using business as a force for good. Our B Corp certification reinforces the commitments established in our long-term strategy, Crafting a Better Future – Learn More