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Official counterfeit education

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Scam websites

Scam websites often bear the following characteristics: The use of R.M.Williams branding and product information, offer heavily discounted pricing, predominantly feature R.M.Williams boots for sale, use a countdown timer and rely on being discovered through advertisements on social media.

To protect yourself from such scams, please be conscious of the following things:


Be wary of heavily discounted products

R.M.Willams’ commitment to sourcing the world's finest materials ensures our products are nothing but the best and we believe in pricing our products fairly. So, if it looks too good to be true, then it probably is.


Check with our customer service team

If you are unsure of the integrity of an online seller, we recommend you contact our customer service team.


Reporting a scam

If you see a potential scam site or scam advertising, you can report it here:

When reporting a scam, if possible please include: The date of the scam, any screenshots you have so we can verify the scam, the URL of the scam site, where you saw the advertisement and any extra information you feel might be useful.


Make sure you are purchasing through a reputable online seller

R.M.Williams have our own retail and online stores as well as a number of authorised stockists globally.​