A remarkably durable and high-quality fabric, moleskin has been a staple material in our collections for almost a century. Pur ever-evolving collection of moleskin products is designed to walk the line between classic style and modern ease-of-wear.
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Moleskin is a heavy cotton fabric renowned for its durability, versatility and exceptional comfort. Distinguished by its densely woven construction and brushed tear-resistant surface, moleskin fabric is an ideal choice for garments that are made to endure the elements, like men’s coats, jackets and vests.

Moleskin fabric offers a remarkable blend of comfort and practicality, making it well-suited for both workwear and formalwear. Its brushed texture and softness ensure comfortable wearing, while its natural breathability helps to prevent overheating even when hard at work. In addition to its durability, the subtle sheen and velvety touch of moleskin fabric offers an elevated texture for when the occasion calls for a polished look.

Moleskin is also an ideal material for men’s jeans and men’s trousers. Its soft texture eliminates the discomfort associated with similarly heavy fabrics, even during extended periods of wear. Furthermore, moleskin fabric is highly resistant to tearing and pilling, making moleskin pants a reliable and long-lasting garment. Moleskin cloth is also flexible and naturally wind resistant, perfect for when you need extra protection from weather or tough working conditions.

These qualities explain the long-standing presence of moleskin clothes in the heritage of outback Australia and why moleskin clothes are still the pick of choice for farmers, stockmen and rural workers of all stripes.

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