Women have worn RMs since the very beginning, often placing orders for men’s boots in smaller sizes and narrow widths to suit a more slender foot. Whilst they were happy with their Craftsmans, the request was clear: women wanted a boot for themselves, and in 2014, work finally began on developing the women’s last. David Cook, Head of Footwear Development explains this year-long process. “We took the Craftsman Boot and set to work refining it for a female customer, lightening it up and slimming down the silhouette.”

The end product was a boot that was tailored to the female form, without losing the signature appeal of our popular men’s styles.

“The Adelaide has many of the Craftsman’s iconic design features but with a more elegant finish, from the slightly thinner rubber sole to the tapered back heel and almond toe.”

A lower shaft and flat heel made for a comfortable fit, and soon the Adelaide was stepping out as a new favourite of women the world over. Classic yet casual, this was a boot designed to be worn daily, and that’s exactly what women did. Wherever they were headed, the Adelaide was sure to accompany them, a long-awaited symbol of Australian craftsmanship that could fit the female mould.

And, just as Helen of Troy was the face that launched a thousand ships, the Adelaide became the boot to launch an extensive offering of women’s styles in the years to follow. “Without a doubt, the success of the Adelaide and the warm response from our female customers inspired the wider range of women’s boots,” explains David.

“It opened our eyes to the demand for women’s styles and we’ve been working ever since to diversify our offering.”

Through it all, the Adelaide remains a constant figure in our women’s line-up, returning perennially in different leathers, suedes and colours. “They’ve always been popular and remain a staple style in the range today - we even made a bespoke pink pair for Lady Gaga!”

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