R.M.Williams is proud to sponsor a variety of initiatives and welcomes your applications for sponsorship. If you would like R.M.Williams to consider support for your activities or events, you will need to submit a proposal.


R.M.Williams, main criterion is to reach as many people as possible in both rural and metropolitan Australian regions. Preference is therefore given to those charities and organisations with nationwide reach.


Consideration will be given to all proposals except those from Religious, Political or Socio-Political organisations and those that promote smoking, alcohol or gambling.


Each year we receive thousands of proposals and unfortunately we are unable to support all.

Please allow as much time as possible for R.M.Williams to consider your proposal, a minimum of two months lead time is essential to allow for processing.


Download the application form here


Proposals can be submitted by post:

Terry Goodear

Head of Heritage & Heartland Marketing


Level 1, Building 3 & 4, The Mill

41-43 Bourke Rd, Alexandria NSW 2015, Australia 

Or by email: sponsorship@rmwilliams.com.au