Taking care of your cottons

Taking care of your cottons

Cotton is a versatile and durable fabric if taken care of properly.

Cotton fabric is made from natural plant fibres and is widely used in clothes including denim blue jeans. The fibres are woven to produce comfortable, breathable fabrics. Cotton clothes are typically ready to wear right out of the wash, 100% cotton clothes need a bit more care to keep them looking their best and lasting for years.

Clothing made of 100% cotton is washable and should be washed every two to three times it's worn, depending on how soiled the item gets. Always check the care labels in garments before washing.


Tips on how to wash your cottons

Cotton items may shrink when they are washed and dried. To avoid this from happening:

• wash in cold (30°C or below) water, whether using a washing machine or washing by hand.

• gently give your garments a little stretch to get them back into shape.

• try to air dry clothes flat and out of the sun.

• if you have a delicate piece that you think is prone to shrinkage, hand wash it in cold water.