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Looking for a one-off boot?
We’ll make you a pair.


Everything we do, we do for a reason.

The reason for our wide, wide range of boot styles is that we know people have a wide, wide range of preferences. Some like round toes. Some like chisel toes. Some like cuban heels. Some like flat. Some like this leather. Some like that.

We try to cover as many styles and variations as possible in our range. But we know there will still be times when people might say “I’d like that heel with that toe”, or “couldn’t I have this style in that leather?” And when those occasions arise, we’ll be happy to tailor make your pair of boots. Bespoke boots. One off boots. So comfortable, so unique that you’ll rarely want to take either one of them off.

Step 1


Select your style

Select a classic R.M.Williams boot style.

Step 2



Choose your leathers, threads, elastic and stitching.

Step 3



Show off your personal style.

One piece of leather

one piece of leather

80 pairs of hands

80 pairs of hands

It's all in the detail

it's all in the detail

an investment, not a purchase.

There are some things in life worth doing properly. Like boots.

That’s the way we approach them, with over 80 pairs of hands and individual processes used to make each pair.

As we make every pair of R.M.Williams boots by hand, we can easily customise your very own pair. We can craft them in a wide range of leathers, each offering their own unique look. Every little detail will be taken care of and you will be able to wear your customised boots with pride.

In-store boot wall


We provide the craftsmanship - you provide the inspiration. Meld the two and your bespoke boots will be as individual as you are.

Because we make every pair of boots by hand, we can work with you to build your own from beginning to end. Just like presidents and fashion designers before you, you can customise every aspect from leather types and colours to heel types, stitch patterns and more,in over 4,000,000 variations to suit your personality.

Our staff will guide you through the simple process and possible combinations, providing you a full quote and delivery date when you order. Every finalised design is then vetted by our most experienced craftsmen. Timing varies with leather choice, so please allow six weeks for delivery.

Made to order