A Bushman's Craft proudly bought to you by The Hut A Bushman's Craft proudly bought to you by The Hut


Become an honorary R.M.Williams craftsperson! Our Head of Heritage and Heartland Marketing, Terry, will host the new brand series through a range of videos taking you on a craftsmanship journey. Included in the tutorials are guides that demonstrate the skills to produce your very own quality leather goods via our limited edition ‘Maker Kits’, which you can purchase to then craft at home. Inspired by RM’s love of leatherwork, A Bushman’s Craft Maker Kits will bring that heritage to you by putting craftsmanship in your hands.





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Whether it’s a simple keyring made with a Kimberley knot to more complex handy-works such as wallets, belts and sunglass holders, or simply polishing your R.M.Williams boots, Terry’s step-by-step guidance will make you a honorary R.M.Williams craftsperson in no time!

And, as we continue to work alongside the passionate craftsmanship community in Australia, we’ll build out ideas to extend the Maker Kits range in the future, as we walk together through the lessons and discoveries that are made.

As Terry says: “It’s something very simple for people to do – and I look forward to everyone discovering the craftsmanship traditions that have been the cornerstone of the R.M.Williams success story for the past 90 years.”



A Bushman's Craft proudly bought to you by The Hut A Bushman's Craft proudly bought to you by The Hut



You can follow along with our Head of Heritage and Heartland Marketing Terry guides by purchasing one of our Maker Kits to re-create your own leather piece Inspired by RM’s book, Bushman’s Handcrafts, and his love of quality handcrafted leatherwork, our Maker Kits are a nod to a tradition that has stood the test of time. And now, you too can master the time-honoured techniques in your own home.

Leather cord holder



Craft your own leather cord holders

Master RM’s techniques in your own home. Follow Terry’s guides and craft your own cord holder. A great introduction to learning leatherwork, this kit of 2 holders for your cords, cables and headphones will give you practice in cutting leather.

The kit comes in a moleskin bag and provides you with 2 sets of branded, veg tanned leather in cognac colour and antique brass pouch studs. Templates are provided to trace 2 different shapes.






The Kimberley Knot




Throughout his life, RM worked with his hands. He was, before everything, a craftsman. His skill with leather was renowned and he was adept at all the bushman's handcrafts having lived and breathed them first hand. He had the ability to weave (or plait) the beauty into the most practical items and give fine form to functional things. The Kimberley knot is no exception.

This knot is used extensively for attaching the bridle reins to a bit ring on saddlery in the Kimberleys of Western Australia. It has the advantages of removing the necessity for buckles as well as giving double thickness of leather to the bit ring – adding greatly to strength and durability and creating an interesting decorative knot.





Hints from The Hut


In ‘Hints from The Hut’, Terry will also draw on his connection with R.M.Williams, the man and the brand, as well as his experience of living on the land, to deliver a how-to series that covers his passion for skills such as making a damper on a campfire, cleaning your Akubra hat, or caring for your RM boots.

Since 1932, R.M.Williams has always valued family, community and mateship, and it’s these strongly held principles that will also see Terry visit inspiring craftspeople across Australia in ‘Meet the Makers’. Discovering their stories and shining a light on the traditions that have been passed down through generations, Terry’s quest will inspire the sense of community that’s shared coast-to-coast. Through these conversations and discoveries while working alongside Australia’s passionate craftsmanship community, new ideas will be built out and added to extend the Maker Kits range in the future.


With nearly 20 years of passionate service under his R.M.Williams belt, Terry is the perfect guide to take The Hut on its next exciting journey through “A Bushman’s Craft”, and his undeniable passion and expertise will inform and captivate in equal measure.

Join us in a celebration of Australian craftsmanship as we continue to shine a light on the hard-working folk and time-honoured traditions that continue to this day. So, for now… Hooroo from The Hut!


Hooroo from The Hut


Terry in The Hut Terry in The Hut