My RM's - Established 1932 My RM's - Established 1932

My RM’s – Worn Since 1932

RM boots were handcrafted with purpose to handle the toughest conditions the outback could throw at them, but they were also elegant enough to polish up and wear into town.

Today, RMs with their single piece of leather and distinctive double tugs are being worn by a new generation in cities around the globe. For there’s a lot to be said about classic styling and timeless quality. Heritage and tradition with down-to-earth, universal appeal that fits comfortably in any stockyard, front bar, festival, boardroom or ballroom. Boots as welcome at a wedding as they are at a worksite. Now that’s an investment; not a purchase.

You could argue that RM’s appreciate in value as time goes by (to the wearer, at least). Every nick, scratch and crease tells the story of an adventurous spirit. A life well-lived, with undeniable character.

The journey still begins in our Adelaide workshop, where our boots are made the same way they always have been. Always will be. By hand. More than 80 sets of dedicated hands work together to craft an Australian icon that will stand the test of time. It’s boot making at its best, and there’s pride in every single pair, for RM’s reputation is in our hands.

We know that first impressions are important for a long-lasting friendship, so we break your boots in before you wear them by stretching each upper over lasts especially designed by R.M.Williams. Like any good friends, your boots will feel even more comfortable as time goes by, and we believe you can never have too many good friends.



My RM's - R.M.Williams Gardener
My RM's - R.M.Williams Lady Yearling
My RM's - R.M.Williams Suede Adelaide
My RM's - R.M.Williams Craftsman
My RM's - R.M.Williams Lady Yearling
  • My RM's - R.M.Williams Craftsman
  • My RM's - R.M.Williams Adelaide
  • My RM's - R.M.WilliamsStockmans Buckle Boot
  • My RM's - R.M.Williams Turn Out
My RM's - The Country Boot that went to town