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Our Products

How can I get a pair of custom made boots?
Simply contact our Customer Service team on +61 8 8259 1007 or email or by visiting your local R.M.Williams retail store. They will be able to help you select the style, material and fit you require for your bespoke pair of R.M.Williams boots. 

I am looking for a product but I can’t see it online – how can I order it?
Please contact our Customer Service team on +61 8 8259 1007 or email, they will be able to help you locate the item you are after.

Where are your products made?
Our iconic boots, leather accessories and craft and a lot of our apparel are still made in our factory in Adelaide. R.M.Williams has been making some of its product offshore since 2001, a decision which was made in consultation with our founder, Reginald Murray (RM) Williams.
You can read more about our company ownership and where our product is made in the About Us section. 

How are your boots made?
R.M.Williams Boots are handcrafted the same way they always have been, from a single piece of quality leather and with a single seam at the back of each boot. 

What is the difference between leather sole, comfort sole and comfort dynamic flex sole?
When you are deciding on which boots you want to buy, you will be able to choose from various sole types. Our most common sole types are listed below with a brief explanation of how they are made and what conditions they are suitable for:

Leather sole – Premium dress boot sole. Sewn leather welt sole construction. Breathable leather innersole.
Comfort sole – Perfect for everyday wear. Sewn welt plain non-slip composition rubber sole with comfort innersole.
Dynamic Flex Comfort Sole – Perfect for dress wear. Sewn welt with composition leather and rubber sole. Comes with a removable, supportive innersole.

What material are your boots made from?
Our boots are made from the world’s finest leathers, which are a natural product with flexibility and resistance to wear and tear.
There’s a reason leather has been the material of choice for foot-protection for over 70,000 years, even in the face of numerous technological advances. These days we have access to a variety of high quality leathers that each suit a variety of different lifestyles. Some of our most popular leathers include:




Versatile fine grained leather from yearling aged cattle. For dress and light work boots.


The strongest leather for its weight. Fine grained and chrome tanned, Kangaroo polishes up for a stylish boot.

Veal Calf

 Full aniline, fine grained leather. Veal Calf has a superb high shine finish ideal for dress boots.


Leather crafted to a lighter weight and suede finished. For dress or smart casual boots. 

Greasy Kip

Heavy weight, chrome tanned, durable leather. The leather is infused with oils during tanning to make it water-resistant.


 A chrome tanned, aged oxhide. Heavyweight and durable, Willow does not require lining. 

Desert Kip

A full, heavy weight, chrome tanned leather suede. Usually comes unlined. 


Water-repellent and highly durable with a matte finish. 


Lightweight yet strong, Ostrich leather is one of the most exotic leathers in the world. It has a distinctive quill pattern and soft feel. 


 Rare and luxurious, Crocodile is a leather synonymous with prestige and style. Unique, intricate scaling patterns ensure a stunning look and feel with a high-end finish


 A full grained, heavyweight leather that does not require lining. Suitable for dress and work boots. 


 A heavy weight and durable leather. Highly suited to work boots. 






Can you make boots for wide feet?
It doesn’t matter how wide, narrow, short or long your foot is, we’ve got the perfect fit for you. All you need is one of our specialist boot fitters in store to help you find it. We cater to all sizes from 1 to 17 and also feature a variety of widths all the way from C to X. (C XXX Narrow, D XX Narrow, E Extra Narrow, F Narrow, G Regular, H Wide and X Extra Wide).

How do I know which size to order?
When choosing your products online, please check any sizing queries against our measurement chart. We have a size chart and an at home measuring guide to help you clearly determine the best size for you. Please note we have different sizing for men and women. For full details, please consult the sizing chart on your product page.

I have previously purchased boots from R.M.Williams. Should I order the same size for a different style?
Some of our boots are uni-sex, which means they are made using a men’s sized last. We recommend checking which sized last the boots are made from.

My foot measurements are in between two different shoe sizes of the sizing table. What should I do?
The best rule of thumb is to order to the larger size. It is easy to adapt a slightly roomier shoe by inserting an insole for a better fit and comfort. 

One of my feet is bigger than the other. What size should I order?
It is always best to then go for the larger size.

What sizes do you offer?
We cater to all sizes from 1 to 17 and also feature a variety of widths all the way from C to X. (C XXX Narrow, D XX Narrow, E Extra Narrow, F Narrow, G Regular, H Wide and X Extra Wide).


My Order

How do I make a purchase?
•    Use the MENS or WOMENS links. 
•    Once you have found an item, choose your size and click on the 'ADD TO SHOPPING BAG' button on the product page.
•    Review the items in your shopping bag by clicking the 'SHOPPING BAG' link at the top of the page.
•    Click on 'PROCEED TO PURCHASE' to complete your order.

I’m having trouble placing my order online. 
If you are having difficulties placing your order online, there are a number of options, you can call our Customer Service team on +61 8 8259 1007 or email

I would like to place an order, but I live overseas, how do I go about this? 
We ship to 200 countries via our partnership with Borderfree, you can check where we ship to here. 

Once I have placed my order, can I change it?
Once you have placed your order you will not be able to change it online, however you can email or call +61 8 8259 1007 and our Customer Service team may be able to assist you if your order has not been dispatched. 

Can I track my order?
Our freight partners offer tracking, you will receive an email once your order is shipped with a link to track your delivery. 



Which payment methods do you accept?
We accept payment from VISA, MasterCard, American Express and PayPal. Through Borderfree

Is it safe to use my credit card online?
Yes, we have partnered with Cybersource, the industry leading payment protection and security solution to ensure you are protected when purchasing online. 

Can I choose the currency I pay in?
We have partnered with Borderfree who supports billing in more than 60 currencies, with more being added on an ongoing basis. Once you confirm your preferences, you will be able to see products priced in your selected currency. You can change the currency at any time by clicking onthe flag at the top left and choosing your preffered country, then all pricing will be shown in the new local currency. 



Which countries do you ship to?
We ship to 200 countries, via our partnership with Borderfree you can check where we ship to here

Once I have placed my order, can I change my shipping address?
Once you have placed your order you will not be able to change the shipping address online, however you can contact our Customer Service team by email or call +61 8 8259 1007 who may be able to assist if your order has not already been dispatched. 

When can I expect delivery of my order?

If the product is in stock when you place your order then the below delivery timeframe applies. However, if the product is not in stock when ordered it will take 4-6 weeks before it is ready to be shipped, once ready for shipment it will take an additional 1-6 business days to deliver.

  • International: 1-6 business days

For further information on delivery timeframes for specific countries please click here.

I am ordering from outside Australia, can I get a Kangaroo, Crocodile, Camel or Ostrich item sent to me?
Due to import restrictions, we can only send Kangaroo, Crocodile, Camel or Ostrich items to selected countries. Kangaroo and Ostrich items can be delivered to all countries except the USA. Crocodile items can only be shipped to New Zealand. Camel items can be shipped to selected countries, no camel items can be sent to the US. If you select an item that can not be shipped to your country you will be notified at checkout. For more information, please email or search for your nearest R.M.Williams store using our Store Finder tool to make your next purchase outside of Australia.



How can do I go about returning my Products I purchased online.
Please visit our Returns page for more information. 

I’ve placed an order but received the incorrect size/colour?
If you have received a size or colour that does not reflect your original order, please follow the steps on our Returns page and highlight that you have received the wrong colour or size as the reason for your return. We will arrange an exchange at no extra cost. 


Borderfree - International Delivery

Can my order be delivered internationally?

Yes. Through our partnership with Borderfree, we are pleased to provide an enhanced international shopping experience for customers in more than 200 countries and territories an international shopper, you now get the benefit of seeing product prices in your local currency, guaranteed order totals at checkout and no hidden fees, cost-effective international shipping, and much more. For a list of available shipping countries and shopping currencies, please visit our international landing page. 

What is Borderfree?

Borderfree is an online partner that allows international shoppers to pay securely with local currency options, prepay duties and taxes and access great international shipping rates. Allowing effortless and secure international online shopping for anyone around the world.

How will I know how much my order will cost?

Just add items to your basket and click select to check out. Borderfree calculates and displays the order total in your preferred currency, including all shipping costs from our warehouse in Australia to your selected international destination, as well as any applicable duties and taxes imposed by Customs and revenue authorities in the destination country.

Are there any additional costs that will be due upon receipt of my order?

As long as you select to prepay duties and taxes, the order total presented at checkout is the exact amount you’ll be billed by Borderfree, and there will be no additional costs due upon delivery.

What currencies does Borderfree support?

Currently, Borderfree supports billing in more than 60 currencies, with more being added on an ongoing basis. Click here to view and select from a list of our supported currencies. Once you confirm your preferences, you will be able to see products priced in your selected currency.

I live in one country can I use Borderfree to ship an order internationally but pay in a different currency?

Yes, Borderfree supports international gift-giving, in that you can receive a guaranteed order total for an order that is shipping internationally, but pay in any currency. This also works if you’re traveling or living abroad.

What payment options does Borderfree support?

Currently, Borderfree supports Visa, MasterCard, PayPal and American Express, with additional payment options coming soon.

What are my international shipping options?

Borderfree can deliver to a range of countries, for a list of all countries that borderfree can ship to and estimated delivery timeframes, please click here

How much does international shipping cost?

International shipping is calculated based on a number of factors including the number of items you are purchasing, the weight of the items, and the destination country. International shipping will be calculated and guaranteed during the Borderfree international checkout based on the items you are purchasing and your shipping destination.

When am I billed?

Your credit card will be billed by Borderfree when your international order is shipped.

How much duty and taxes are charged on international orders?

Duties (or Customs tariffs) are set by the destination country Customs authorities and determined based on a combination of the country of origin (manufacturing) of the goods being purchased and the classification of that merchandise in accordance with a harmonized system adopted and used by the countries that Borderfree supports. International taxes (such as Value Added Tax, or VAT) are set by the destination country. You will be able to view the guaranteed total amount of applicable duty and tax/VAT for your order within the Borderfree international checkout.

Are there any items that cannot ship to my country because they are restricted?

If for some reason there are any items that cannot be exported from the United States or imported into your destination country selection, Borderfree will notify you during the checkout process.

Please note that we can only ship product made from exotic skins such as Crocodile, Ostrich, Camel or Kangaroo to selected countries outside of Australia and New Zealand due to import/export laws. Kangaroo and Ostrich items can be delivered to all countries except the USA. Crocodile items can only be shipped to New Zealand. Camel items can only be shipped within Australia currently. For more information please refer to

How do I track my order?

You can track the progress of your international package(s) here.

What will my credit card statement say?

Your credit card will be billed by Borderfree and your credit card statement will read “BF*MERCHANT" where “BF” denotes the Borderfree network.

Who should I contact if I have questions relating to my order after I have made a purchase?

Please email us at or call +61 8 8289 1007 and we will gladly assist you with any questions relating to your international order.

Can I purchase or redeem international gift cards?

Unfortunately, we do not currently support the sale of gift cards to international customers or the redemption of gift cards for international orders.

What is your return policy for international orders?

If for any reason you are not satisfied with your purchase, please contact us at or call +61 8 8289 1007and we will provide you with further instructions on where returns should be shipped and the amount you will be refunded. Refund amounts for returned items will be credited to you by our partner Borderfree in the same currency and using the same exchange rate as your original order.



Where would my closest retail store be?
You can search for your closest R.M.Williams retail store on our website under the Stores tab.

I had an experience in your R.M.Williams store and would like to pass on feedback – how do I go about this?
We appreciated all feedback. Please contact our Customer Service team on +61 8 8259 1007 or at

I love your brand/product and think I would be a great fit in your team. How do I express my interest in working for you? 
Please send your CV to


Boot Care and Repair

What’s the best way to break in my boots?

  • Allow the two ‘tugs’ to take the strain when pulling on your elastic sided boots; this will keep the back strong and spread the strain over the ‘tugs’ and the elastic.
  • Wear your boots, if possible, in dry conditions on the first few occasions. Fine leather boots can require a full day to dry out from natural perspiration.
  • If your footwear becomes saturated with water, allow them to dry naturally; never use direct or forced heat, as this will damage the upper and may damage the sole.
  • Mud or dirt should be removed from footwear when still wet, using a damp cloth and then waiting until dry before cleaning and polishing.

How do I care for my leather boots?

  • R.M.Williams Leather Conditioner should be applied regularly to leather footwear (every six weeks in humid conditions or as the leather becomes dry). This will help maintain supple leather uppers and prevent cracking and excessive creasing.
  • R.M.Williams water based polish should be used to obtain a shine.
  • The use of any alcohol or oil based care products may cause damage to the leather which could result in voiding the warranty.

How do I care for my suede boots?
R.M.Williams Suede Protector should be applied to suede footwear prior to wear and R.M.Williams Suede Cleaner should be applied as required.

What is the best way to store my boots?
Products stored in humid environments must be dried naturally before storing, and must have adequate ventilation to avoid the growth of mould on the leather.
*Please remember that modified boots, or the incorrect use of your boot care products may void any claim.

Do you have any approved repairers aside from getting them fixed in the factory? 
Yes. We have suggested boot repairers in Australia and the UK, however we encourage sending them back to the R.M.Williams factory so that the original boot maker can assess and repair your boots. Our prices are very competitive and in line with other repairers. 



I would like R.M.Williams to sponsor an event I am organising, how do I apply for this?
Simply complete a Sponsorship form and email it to



How can I get a pair of custom-made boots?

Use our craftsmanship and your personal style to create your very own R.M.Williams Bespoke boot from a unique range of handpicked leathers, soles and components.To start creating click here.

Alternatively visit an R.M.Williams Bespoke store where one of our specially trained Bespoke Specialists can help you select the fitting and style that best suits your requirements. We recommend phoning for an appointment first.

For a full list of R.M.Williams Bespoke Stores, click here.  

Where are your R.M.Williams Bespoke boots made?

R.M.Williams Bespoke boots are handcrafted in our workshop in Adelaide, South Australia, from a single piece of quality leather, with a single seam at the back of each boot.

When will my R.M.Williams Bespoke boots be delivered? 

Your bespoke boots will be delivered within 8 weeks of your order. Our Bespoke Specialist will be in touch when your boots are being made to confirm your order and delivery time.

Can all leather options be shipped overseas?

Due to import restrictions, we can only send Kangaroo, Crocodile or Ostrich items to selected countries. Kangaroo and Ostrich items can be delivered to all countries except the USA. Crocodile items can only be shipped to New Zealand. For more information please refer to

Once I have placed my order, can I change my mind?

Due to the Bespoke nature of your purchase, once your order has been placed, we are unable to cancel or amend the order.   

Can I return or exchange my R.M.Williams Bespoke boots?

We are unable to accept returns or exchanges of Bespoke purchases except where the item is damaged or faulty or delivered incorrectly through an error by R.M.Williams.

Can I personalise my R.M.Williams Bespoke boots?

R.M.Williams Bespoke boots created with a leather sole can be personalised. You can choose a maximum of 14 characters per boot, however offensive content will be refused.

Dynamic Flex and Rubber soles cannot be personalised.

How do I care for my R.M.Williams Bespoke boots?

Your R.M.Williams Bespoke boots will include a care kit and instructions specific to the boot you have created.

Who can I speak to about my R.M.Williams Bespoke order that I have placed?

Please contact our Bespoke Specialist on or +61 8 8259 1000.

Supply Chain

Integrity is fundamental to the RMWs Company. Integrity means doing what is right for the Company, our employees and our supply partners.

RMWs is committed to the high standard of business conduct in our relationship with each other and with our customers and suppliers. This requires that we conduct our business in accordance with applicable laws and regulations and in accordance with the highest standards of business conduct.

As such RMWs is a signatory to the Ethical Clothing Australia [ ECA ] whilst ensuring that all of our suppliers abide by the laws and regulations of each country they conduct our business in, all RMWs suppliers are required to sign the following, The Suppliers Code Of Conduct, The Suppliers Agreement stipulating the terms and conditions required to be a supplier to RMWs as well as all suppliers agree to be Factory and Compliance Audited by a Recognized and Certified Independent Auditing Companies and regular inspections by the appropriate RMWs employee representatives.

Using these key principles helps each of us in this endeavour by providing a statement of the fundamental principles, key policies and procedures that govern the conduct of our business.

The way we deal with our customers, suppliers builds long-term trust and ultimately determines our success. We will endeavour to deal fairly with company’s customers and suppliers. We will never take unfair advantage of others through manipulation, concealment, abuse of privileged information, misrepresentation of material facts or any other unfair dealing practices.

For a list of our Suppliers who have followed the above and have been approved as official suppliers to R.M.Williams click here.