Measure your foot length. The simplest way to do this is stand on a piece of paper and mark the points at the back of your heel and tip of your big toe. Wear the type of socks you will wear with your shoes and distribute your weight evenly before measuring. This measurement will determine the length of your foot. TIP: Measure both feet as these may be different.If one foot is larger, choose the larger size, alternatively if there is a significant difference in sizing, you can customise the size for the left and right boot for a perfect fit!



When deciding on the right fit type, comfort is key. Our fit guides are true to form and there is minimal movement even after wearing the boots in, so select a fit type that is as close to your fit measurement as possible. Measure around your joint (the widest part of your foot), find the corresponding fit type in the guide below. The Men's fitting's range from E - X, of which E is the narrowest fit type and X is the widest fit type.


RM Williams women's size guide


RMW Women D - Regular E - Wide
5  206 213
5.5 210 216
6 213 219
6.5 216 223
7 219 226
7.5 223 229
8 226 232
8.5 229 235
9 232 238
9.5 235 241
10 238 244
10.5 241 248
11 244 251



Still not sure about your perfect size and fit?

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